Chapter 7: The Chosen One

Hello Everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a really long time but I will try to be more consistent. Okay so in the last chapter Natalie asked Damian and Natalya how they were going to get one million dollars. The answer is in this chapter.   Chapter 7: The Chosen One   They both […]

Posting Times

Hello! I just wanted tell everyone that sometimes I will not be able to post every Friday. A new chapter that is. But I will still post! Just not always on Fridays. I also might post things that are different than chapter’s from my book. Like book reviews or movie reviews or just daily rants. […]

Chapter Six: Huge Question

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a really long time. In the previous chapter Natalie decided to let them help her. Chapter 6: The Huge Question After we walked for a while the moon came out of hiding and the sun went to sleep for the night. Then, the stars decided to shine there […]

Chapter 5: Decisions, Decisions!

In the last chapter we learned that the man with the black beard is Damian and the strange woman is Natalya. They explained why they were there, why they took her parents and who they were. Then they asked her an important question, “So, are you willing to let us help you?” Chapter 5: Decisions, Decisions! […]

Chapter 4: The Big Question

In the last chapter Natalie decided to pack up and leave to go save her parents. She took her cat with her. While riding her bike she encountered strange woman who said that she took her parents. Them the man with the black beard came around he corner with a hammer. Chapter 4: The Big […]