Chapter 11: Monsters

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I am gonna try to get back on a schedule. Anyway, lets not waste time with a summary and get straight to the story!

Chapter 11:Monsters 


Wesley led Skyler and I through the town. His black fringe shined in the moonlight and shook as he walked. His blue eyes sparkled as they swiveled back and forth as he searched for the way home.


“Take a picture it will last longer”. He said he with a smile when he realized that I was staring at him.


I blushed, Skyler purred. We continued walking. All of a sudden the street lights went out. Wesley said a word that I feel like I shouldn’t say.


“What?  Whats wrong?” I asked as I picked up my cat. All I could see was Wesley’s outline in the dark. He grabbed my free hand,


“We gotta go!” He said in a voice that sounded urgent, and pulled me by my hand and began to run so fast that I almost dropped Skyler.


An eardrum shattering cry cracked through the air followed by the unmistakable smell of death. Actually since I have never smelled death, I don’t really know what it smelled like. It just didn’t smell right.


I held Skyler close to my chest, allowing her to climb into my backpack. I felt the vibrations of something or someone running.


Wesley took a sharp turn into a dark ally and I seriously started questioning my choice of going with this guy.


He took me behind what I think was a dumpster next to a building and crouched down behind it.  


“Ya know it’s kind of rude to grab people and drag them behind dumpsters with no explanation,” I said loudly


“Keep your voice down!” He whispered. “We don’t have time to play games right now we have to-”  he suddenly stopped whispering as we saw a bright light coming up the street. My cat popped her head out of my bag and nuzzled her head on the back of my neck.
The sound of large feet smashing the pavement echoed in my ears as something came around the corner of which the likes I had never seen.


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