Rant #2 Three Reasons that School Aggravates me

Sorry I didn’t post when I said I would.This is the most inconsistent blog ever!

 Three Reasons Why School Agitates ME!

  1. You Have to get up early in the morning!

That is the one thing I never understood. Why you have to get up early in the morning! I would so much rather have school at twelve o’clock to go to school because when I get up in the morning I say go and my body says no!2

2. Grades

Grades are numbers that can mean succeeding or failing, They also mean how good you are at something. Which is really messed up! Since when did our intelligence get described by a number!

  1. Tests

You stress out about it and get all worked up for a crazy hard test and stay up all night studying. Then you fail because you fall asleep during the test! UGH!
Anyway  that’s my rant for today! Short and sweet 😉 Please comment below about how you feel about school cause I know that not all people agree with me! Alright 2 people that actually look at my blog, ¡ADIOS!


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