Chapter 9: Is Crime or Dishonesty ever okay?


Hello everyone! Happy March!  In the last chapter Natalie found an apple on the ground and after being warned not to touch it by a strange voice, she touched it. Alarms went of all around her and a man came out waving an axe. So she ran. Here is the next chapter!

Chapter 9: Is Crime or Dishonesty ever okay?

I ran until I felt my heart was going to burst. I was scared, hungry and worried.  I knew I only had 4 days left to get one million dollars and get to Maine but I didn’t know were I was or how I was ever going to get one million dollars.


I tripped on something and fell. My cat jumped out of my arms before I hit the hard dirt with a thud. I was too out of breath to say or do anything so I just layed there. My cat kept meowing and sniffing my face, which was blocked by my long brown hair. When I finally had managed to catch my breath, I sat up and looked around. It seemed as though I was at the end of a forest. There were some trees in front of me but I could hear what sounded like a car driving.


I felt hungry.


“Maybe we should eat something”, I whispered to my cat, who began to lick herself. But then I remembered.


We didn’t have any food!

I pulled off my backpack and  looked inside. I had some clothes and 5 dollars.  How did I only have five dollars, I had been saving that emergency money since I was 7!


Since I only had a little bit of money, I had to think of something, and fast.  


I heard a car beep and looked to my right. I could see a small town a ways ahead.


I knew that if I went into the town looking like a dirty, filthy mess no one would want to even be near me. I changed my clothes and splashed my face with water. I put on a green tee shirt with jeans and braided my hair in a french braid. Then, I set out for town.


When I arrived in the town I saw one car, but mostly people walking. All the men were dressed in jeans and leather jackets, and all of the women were wearing dresses. Even the little boys and little girls were dressed that way. My cat meowed.


It seemed as if time stood still.


All of them stopped walking, the car even stopped driving. Everyone stared at me, there eyes felt like fire borrowing through my soul. A man got out of the car and walked up to me, he was wearing a black shirt that said Police on the front. He was the only person wearing black sunglasses. He took them off in a way that seemed as if he was trying to be cool.


He then looked at me and bellowed, “Who are you? Where are you from? What are you doing here?”


“Who are you? Where are you from? What are you doing here?” I retorted.


He shrugged and walked away. I became very confused. Everyone began to walk again. They acted as if I wasn’t even there. I saw a man selling food across the street and ran to him.


“Hello!” I said proudly, “Do you have anything that I could buy for,” I paused to pull the money out of my backpack, “ 5 dollars”.  

He pushed a small moldy carrot across the small table that he used to display the different foods he was selling.


“Um sir, I can’t eat that,’’ I said sadly.


“Well since that’s the only thing for 5 dollars, I can’t help you!” he replied.


I put my head down and slowly walked away. This soon became a pattern. Every shop or person I went to either threw something at me or told me to leave. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to eat something, and the only way to get it that I could think of, was to steal it.


I wasn’t going to steal much, just enough to last me the night.


So I waited until the day was almost at its end and the shops were all closing and the people were all putting their things away. I found a can of tuna on a woman’s table and took it. I ran to the bushes with my cat and opened it so that she could eat it. After the can was open I left her in the bushes to continue eating it.


I searched and searched until I found a man at his table selling baskets of fruit, strangely  it hadn’t closed yet. I waited until he wasn’t looking and took the last basket. I ate some of the fruit with satisfaction and saved some for later. I was about to go back to the forest when I saw someone coming to the table.


It was  a tall young man , his clothes were tattered and dirty, his eyes were tired.


“Hello Wesley Mason!” the man at the table said with a evil  smile.


The man whose name was Wesley looked at the man at the table and stated “ Hello Rickie Rider,”. The man who I now knew was Rickie Rider cleared his throat loudly and gave Wesley a look that I can’t describe. Wesley gave a loud sigh.


“Hello Mr. Rider, I have done everything you asked, cleaned and mowed your lawn, picked the apples that you just sold, everything! ” he took a breath “May I please have what I have been promised? The fruit basket for my sisters and I? ”


Rickie gave him an evil stare and reached for where the fruit basket would have been, but I had just stolen it. The man was shocked.


“It was just here a minute ago! You know I wouldn’t just make you work for no good reason!” the man said with a brusque tone.


“Please do not joke with me, we are going to eat some of that fruit as dinner tonight.  We have no other food, that is why I have-” Rickie cut Wesley off.


“Yeah yeah here you go again! I know you’re poor! Listen it’s not here I must have sold the last one. Go home! Take care of your sisters. Sleep on the street like you always do. I guess I will see you tomorrow, while you work a whole day for another fruit basket. I am going to go home and sleep in my nice soft bed. ” Rickie said arrogantly.  


“Yes Mr. Rider,” Wesley whispered.


“What was that boy!” Rickie sneered. Wesley repeated and Rickie got up and walked away, a smug smile on his face.


I felt horrible for stealing the basket. I had to give it back. I just knew it. But as I looked inside I realized it would be nothing compared to what they would have had, there was only an orange, an apple, 5 pieces of pineapple and 2 bananas left. Still I knew that I had to find them and give the basket back. I called Skyler and within a few minutes she came.


I followed Wesley through the town aways until he stopped a light post and sat next to it. I saw a single tear walk down his face.


“I worked all day and got nothing. Why does he torture us? What am I going to tell Ashley and Cailyn?” He held his head in his hands.


I came out from behind the tree I was hiding behind and he looked up.


“Who are you?” he asked.

“My name is Natalie Blackett. I have done something terrible that has hurt you, for this I am sorry,” I pulled out the basket and the small amount of fruit it had inside. I handed it to him.


“So you stole it?” he asked, holding it in his hands.


“Yes, because I was hungry and I didn’t have enough to buy it. I know that there isn’t much left but hopefully it will last you and your sisters until tomorrow. You must hate me. I will go now,” I began to turn when he put the basket next to him, jumped up, and embraced me. When he finally let me go he said,


“Yes you stole it and ate most of its contents, but you returned it, and that is definitely achieving the honorable,” he said profoundly, “Thank you”.


I nodded and smiled. Then I attempted to walk away again, but he stopped me.


“Why do you have a cat and why are you all alone?” he asked, his eyebrows furrowing.


Wesley had that look about him that made you want to trust him. So I told him everything, about my parents and the exploding tablet and Natalya and Damian.
He reached down to pet Skyler and said “I guess you are going to need a place to stay then,” once I nodded the friendship began.   


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