Rant Number One

Rant Number One


How many times a day do you say “Man! I could really use super strength right now!” or “If I could run like the flash that would be very convenient! I know that I have(but not very often). But if, we did have superpowers what would happen? Would it really fix our problems, or just make them worse? Here are five reasons why it would be horrible to have superpowers:


  1. If everyone on earth had super powers than they would not  be super anymore, just like Syndrome said from the Incredibles “When everyone’s super, no one will be.” Then that would defeat the purpose of even having super powers and then people would want super duper powers!

2.  If everyone had Super Powers not everyone one would be a superhero. That is just       how it works heroes need villains. But, if there were villains than people would die and if people died then that would be bad.

3. If someone had the power to go back in time then they would. Who wouldnt! But by them doing that they may potentially mess up the space time continuum and possibly make the meteor that hit the dinosaurs hit now and wipe out the entire human race. It’s a stretch, but it could happen.

4. If only one or two people had super powers, if anyone found out the government would come after them and experiment on them. And then the villains (who would be as a result of the heros) would either kill them or the ones they loved. Which would be really bad for them.

5. The superheroes might turn bad! I mean how many bad guys could you fight before you went crazy? My limit would probably be two before I started throwing people into outer space and blasting them with my laser vision.


Alright that’s my rant for today! I hope you guys enjoyed it! Please post comments down below about what my next rants should be.

Thanks everyone for reading!(watch out for my next rant on why superheroes would be good!)


5 thoughts on “Rant Number One

  1. I agree with your rant about superpowers. Maybe people should just be happy about what’s special about them and not constantly look for other special powers. I look forward to reading your other rants!!

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  2. I loved your rant on superpowers! I think if people had super powers it would go straight to their heads and the world would be in TROUBLE! I think that we all have something special or super about each of us! I look forward to your next rant.

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