Chapter 8:The Apple and the Viscous Axe

Hello Everyone! Happy New Year! I know I advent posted in a while and I am sorry, so today I will post two chapters! Since you have probably read all of my chapters in the past month I will save the recap and get right to it.


Chapter 8: The Apple and the Vicious Axe

Skyler and I ran out the door and kept on running until we couldn’t run anymore. My heart was pounding and finally I stopped. I sat on the ground panting and looked around. I was in the middle of nowhere, I was leaning against a tree and looking out to see lots of other trees. My cat was meowing next to me.


“I know you’re hungry” I said


So was I, I hadn’t eaten in, well I didn’t know how long. But then I remembered about the backpack on my back. I took it off and looked inside. I took out a little bit of money.


“We gotta find some place to eat!” I said outloud while petting  my cat. I got up and looked at the tree I was sitting under. It was an apple tree.


“Wow” I said then I looked at my feet and saw one apple that looked brand new. I reached for it but then I heard a voice. The same voice I had heard in the Fast Food place. It still sounded strained and tired and really freaky!  




I stopped and looked around.


Must be in my head.


So I reached for it again.




What the…


“Do you understand me! DON’T TAKE THAT APPLE!”


“Show yourself!” I yelled sounding braver than I actually was.


“All you need to know is this, don’t touch the apple, you are the chosen one, if you touch the apple, you will be forced to run!”


Then I heard nothing at all. But it was soon broken by the meow of my cat. I looked down at her.


“Skyler should we touch the apple?”


She cocked her head.


“Ok, let’s touch the apple.”


As I reached down I kept thinking about the warning.


It must have been in my head! I thought Why should I listen to someone I can’t see anyway.


I touched the apple.




I touched it again.


Still nothing.


But then I picked it up. It was attached to a string which went into the ground. A loud alarm went off all around me. My cat and I jumped back.


A man came running out from behind one of the trees, he was holding an axe.


“Get off my property!” He cried,  viciously waving the axe.


She, he or it was right! I thought.
As soon as I grabbed my cat and  my backpack I was on the run again.


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