Chapter 7: The Chosen One

Hello Everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a really long time but I will try to be more consistent.

Okay so in the last chapter Natalie asked Damian and Natalya how they were going to get one million dollars. The answer is in this chapter.


Chapter 7: The Chosen One


They both stood there looking at me like I was stupid. Natalya began to say something but before she could Damian interrupted,


“We aren’t gonna get one million dollars. Who has one million dollars! We are gonna fake them out.” he said beginning to pace back and forth looking at the sky. “ We are going to send you in with a backpack filled with paper and you are going to tell the guy you have the money. Then we will free you parents and call the police.” he said with a smile.


“And then free our parents.” Natalya said.


Before I could agree or say anything they walked away. So I began to follow, but before I did I looked at the sky. The sun was shining bright.


“Wait, how did it get so bright so fast?” I asked myself and motioned for Skyler to follow me. When she did I followed Natalya and Damian. After a few minutes we arrived at a Fast Food place that I didn’t recognize. But instead of going in the front door they went in the back. So I followed. Inside it was dark and Natalya and Damian were gone. Or so I thought. I felt Skyler jump on my shoulder. I didn’t feel anyone hit me but I felt myself hit the floor and I heard my cat yell in a way that I had never heard before. Then I heard voices. They were arguing.


“She is mine!” one said.


“NO I will take her!” said another.


All of a sudden I heard a voice that sounded strained and tired.


“She is the chosen one!!”


I felt someone drag me away and then I heard someone or something fall. A figure was standing over me then someone punched the figure and it fell. I heard people fighting and I went into the fetal position. The chosen one, I thought, what is that supposed to mean. What do they mean I am the chosen one? Then I felt a paw on my arm.


“Skyler?” I asked


She replied with a meow.


I headed towards where I thought the door was and I grabbed the handle. When I opened it light flooded the room. I turned around and the fighting immediately ceased. I saw Damian with some guy in a headlock. I saw Natalya with a gun to a woman’s head. There was an old man sitting in the corner with blood coming out of his head. I winced.


Natalya and Damian looked at me. Then Natalya opened her mouth as if she was going to say something. But then the woman she was holding at gunpoint grabbed the gun and the fighting started up again. I stood there not moving for what felt like forever.


I felt my cat tug at my pant leg. I looked down and smiled. She was telling me to run. I took one last look at the fight. I caught eye contact with Natalya. She looked at me with a look in her eyes that I had never seen before. As if it were the last time she would ever see me. Like she was worried for me.


She then punched the other woman in the face and yelled,


It was the best thing I had heard all day.


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