Chapter 5: Decisions, Decisions!

In the last chapter we learned that the man with the black beard is Damian and the strange woman is Natalya. They explained why they were there, why they took her parents and who they were. Then they asked her an important question, “So, are you willing to let us help you?”

Chapter 5: Decisions, Decisions!

I stood there staring at Natalya wondering if I should trust them. Damian had tried to kill me and my cat had hissed at him. But then it hit me. Skyler would protect me. I had one of the most unusual cats around. She would obey my commands and try to protect me when there was danger. I looked down to where she should have been. In the basket of my bike. But she wasn’t there. She had jumped down and started rubbing up against Damian, who looked like he was in complete terror.

“Alright,” I said, “I will,” as I made the quote signs, “ ‘Let you help me’ Okay”.

“Yes!” Natalya yelped, “Then let’s go.”

Damian nodded and followed after his sister. Well, he tried to when Skyler sat and front of him and looked up, and meowed. I knew that meant she wanted to be picked up, but he didn’t.

“What does it want why is it looking at me like that?!” He asked, his voice shaking.

“She wants to be picked up.” I replied.

“No thank-you!” Damian yelled and sprinted after Natalya.

Great, I thought. Now I am traveling with a woman who is afraid of hammers and a man who is afraid of cats. This was going to be a peculiar journey. So I picked up Skyler, grabbed my bike and followed.


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