Chapter 11: Monsters

Sorry I haven’t posted in so long, I am gonna try to get back on a schedule. Anyway, lets not waste time with a summary and get straight to the story! Chapter 11:Monsters    Wesley led Skyler and I through the town. His black fringe shined in the moonlight and shook as he walked. His […]

Random feels

Hey guys! I was feeling pretty good today and decided to write a poem, its not that good but hey why not.   The feels I had a special feeling today The kind that puts a spring to your feet That makes walls come up To black the wave of emotions that crash Over me […]


Hey hey hey! Whats up (very few) people (who actually look at my blog!)  I AM BACK AND WRITING AGAIN! So stay tuned for more posts! Any way I thought that since I wanted to come back with a bang, the best way to do so would be to write a rant! Check the rant section […]

Chapter 10: A hug for a Stranger

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted for so long. Happy Earth Day!!! Anyway I won’t write a summary of the last chapter because I haven’t posted in so long. Okay here is chapter 10 Chapter 10: A hug for a Stranger   We sat there talking under the light post about what had happened to […]

Rant Number One

Rant Number One   How many times a day do you say “Man! I could really use super strength right now!” or “If I could run like the flash that would be very convenient! I know that I have(but not very often). But if, we did have superpowers what would happen? Would it really fix […]